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848 Jasmine minor sometimes 01-28-05 16:04 06-08-05 15:58
0000848: error if selectedPointer in #TUserCamera is nil
There occurs an error in #TUserCamera>>mouseMove: when selectedPointer is nil.
I don't used TeapotMorph here, but a subclass of it where the navigation works in some other way. Maybe it's because there is a bug in there, however, you should catch that in #TUserCamera>>mouseMove: and #TUserCamera>>mouseUp:, shouldn't you?
 selPointerFix-bf.1.cs.gz [^] (645 bytes) 06-08-05 15:58

01-28-05 17:22   
Also, a tiny bit of documentation would be nice regarding what the difference of pointer, currentPointer and selectedPointer is in TUserCamera. This is what I got from RTFC:

CurrentPointer is set to the camera's normal pointer before rendering each frame. When rendering an overlay containing that overlay's camera's pointer the currentPointer is set to the camera pointer of the overlay. SelectedPointer is the one that was current when the red mouse button went down, it is reset to nil on red button up.

So currentPointer is the pointer of where the mouse was in this frame, whereas selectedPointer is the one used in an down-move-up transaction. Is that correct?

I just can't figure out the code in mouseMove:/mouseUp: that is, when and why currentPointer vs. selectedPointer vs. pointer is used there ...
06-08-05 15:58   
uploaded proposed fix