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857 Morphic major always 02-01-05 08:30 02-01-05 23:36
0000857: MatrixTransformationMorph is very badly broken in many place. It probably never worked.

BalloonRectangeMorph and TTFontSample (something or other.)
Morph use MTMorph instead of transformationMorph for their transforms.

If you fix BalloonRectangeMorph enough to get a sample (see 0000851).
And try to rotate it you get more than one warning box.

Here we focus on MTM. Code review of MTM>>rotationCenter shows that its idea of rotationCenter is wrong and out of sync with morphs or polygons definitions. See the attached example or do "MTM new inspect"
and try your own experiments.
Do MTM or the Classes that use them have a place in Morphic?
They must be old and recent changes to player mean that there are methods they need to know that they do not understand (e.g. visible).
I believe Micheal Latta was complaining about both of these classes not working.

BallonRectangleMorph looks like fun. Is there any reason it could not use a TransformationMorph instead of the MTM.

Decide: Fix, Maintain or reap and bury. MTM, BalloonRectangeMorph, TTwhatsitMorph.
child of 0005560new  MatrixTransformationMorph needs examining and fixing. 
 a MatrixTransf...orph(3699).gif [^] (13,727 bytes) 02-01-05 08:30
 BalloonEllipseMangled.jpeg [^] (2,966 bytes) 02-01-05 23:36

02-01-05 23:08   
More fun bugs you can do at home.
Get an Ellipse. And put a reference to it in a work space.
Evaluate "(MatrixTransformMorph new asFlexOf: Ellipse) explore."
The explore is important because the ellipse will disappear. Where? and why?

Other clues. Get an ellipse. Notice how smooth it is. Now put a gradient fill in it. Notice how it is not smooth.
Get a BalloonRectangleMorph see 0000851 for how to fix squeak so you can do this. Now embed another ellipse with a solid fill into it.
Now with halo handle start to rotate the BRMorph. What happens to the shape of the ellipse. Do you notice a similarity?

So the bugs are in the way the balloon engine deals with 2x3Transforms and bugs in the MTM.

Someone should get ar to look at whats going on. He will probably put his finger on it fastest.