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859 Jasmine trivial always 02-02-05 13:10 02-02-05 13:10
0000859: fullBounds of TeapotMorph are set in an awkward way
I noticed the following when I built a submorph of the TeapotMorph without the TZoomNavigatorMorph, that means without any submorphs: The Morphs fullBounds had just an extent of 50@40, while the bounds' extent was much bigger. So the Morph didn't process any events outside the far too small fullBounds. The reason for that is, that in #TeapotMorph>>initialize the bounds are set in a hard way: bounds := ... When you add the ZoomNavigator, fullBounds are adjusted. If you don't do that, as in my case, they are not!
A solution would be to set the bounds with the method #bounds: or call a #layoutChanged.

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