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919 Any feature always 03-04-05 09:15 08-29-05 16:16
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0000919: We should have a question popping up to load post release fixes from the update stream if the image is "pristine".
The problem is that people unpack the release image and don't load updates - typically newbies don't even know how to. So if we discover serious post release bugs we want to put post release fixes into the release update stream and be sure that newbies get them.

In AutoStart there was already code for a pref to "load updates on startup". I added a class var and some more code with a specific message to the user. The result is that if we set the class var flag to true using:

   AutoStart setPristine: true

---the image will ask the user on startup about loading post release fixes since this is a "pristine image".

After having done that
 pristineImage-gk.1.cs.gz [^] (1,474 bytes) 03-04-05 09:17
 loadUpdatesTweak-dew.cs.gz [^] (1,213 bytes) 03-06-05 06:56

03-04-05 14:39   
Ok, a simpler variant went in in update 6598, so this should be solved.
03-06-05 06:54   
I posted some followup to this on squeak-dev. Basically just tweaking this changeset a bit more to make it hopefully even clearer for beginners, and fixing a couple of typos. [^]

I'm not sure if reopening this issue is strictly necessary, but I wanted to play a bit more with Mantis. ;) I'll assign it to myself so that I make sure it gets followed up.
08-29-05 15:40   
The latest version from Doug seems to be in effect in 3.8 and 3.9.
08-29-05 16:14