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985 feature N/A 03-16-05 01:04 04-06-05 10:30
0000985: Stop adding halos for some special objects.
For example,if the navigator is deleted from the X button, there is not an easy way to get it back. If Preferences eToyFriendly is true, this patch prohibits halos for particular objects.
 NoHaloObjects.cs [^] (3,786 bytes) 03-16-05 01:05
 NoHaloEtoysFlap.cs.gz [^] (1,354 bytes) 04-05-05 07:15
 noHaloForEToyFlap-sw.2.cs.gz [^] (434 bytes) 04-06-05 09:47

03-16-05 06:32   
Added to Nihongo7 as 0046NoHaloObjects.cs
03-30-05 15:11   
One problem I noticed with this is that is makes it impossible to get a halo on a FlapTab. Unfortunately, it's in its halo menu that all of the controls that govery a Flap reside, so it's essential that it be possible to get a halo on the tab. Even in eToyFriendly mode.
03-30-05 17:36   
Probably disabling it for the Navigator and Supplies but not others may make sense.
04-05-05 07:19   
This file (NoHaloEtoysFlap.cs) is to show flap's halo except Navigator and Supplies.
04-06-05 09:51   
OUCH! I installed the new "NoHaloEtoysFlap" (from Yamamiya-san, dated 5 April,) and set eToyFriendly to true, and I found that although it's true that a right-click on the Supplies and Navigator flap-tabs would no longer bring up a halo on them, the bad news is that doing a right-click on either of those flap-tabs results in an actual VM hang or crash, *every time*! It appears that it is *not good* ever to return nil from #addHalo: -- this seemingly needs always to return a HaloMorph object. (This didn't cause a crash in Yoshiki's original "NoHaloObjects" fileout of 16 March, but that's because Yoshiki's fileout had modified Morph.blueButtonDown to make it able to contend with a nil return from addHalo:).

I'm uploading an alternative proposal, "noHaloForEToyFlap-sw.2", which purports to solve the immediate desiderata of this thread in a different but simple way. Let me know what you think.
04-06-05 10:30   

Actually, you need to install Yoshiki's NoHaloObjects.cs before NoHaloEtoysFlap.cs.gz (My explain was too short ...). Yoshiki's change set fixes more than Flap - Menu, Paintbox, Viewer, or so. I think this is good for novice user to avoid unexpected operation.

I agree #wantsHaloFromClick is absolutely better place to control halo than #addHalo:.