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0001074 [Squeak 5.2] any minor always 04-14-05 14:23 04-20-05 10:42
Reporter korakurider View Status public  
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Status feedback  
Summary 0001074: Get notifier If you hit ok without selecting file on FileList2
Description Summary shows all.
Additional Information Proposed fix attached to ignore ok hit if file is not selected.
Attached Files  IgnoreNilProjectOnLoad.1.cs.txt [^] (692 bytes) 04-14-05 14:23
 ignoreNilProject-tn.2.cs [^] (882 bytes) 04-20-05 05:38

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(0001393 - 824 - 898 - 898 - 898 - 898 - 898)
04-20-05 05:45

The bug reported certainly exists and should be fixed. A drawback of the original proposed fix is that, while it does avoid the error notifier, it makes the "okay" button completely "dead" in this situation -- no feedback, no sound, no message, no idea why hitting ok didn't do anything.

I've just uploaded a small change to the original change-set which, in the circumstance under consideration, (which is that the user hits "okay" in a blue project-chooser when no project is selected,) tells the user that she should either choose a project or else hit cancel.

I did first try an alternative implementation in which hitting "okay" in this situation simply dismisses the dialog, and though that felt better than the "dead button" treatment, I think that on balance it's best to put up the Informer in this case.
(0001395 - 385 - 391 - 391 - 391 - 391 - 391)
04-20-05 08:41

Agree with you that having feedback is better, so just to ignore or dismiss dialog seems too terse. In my cs, I would mimic typical dialog on win/mac where button is disabled if entry hasn't been finished yet, and feedback is shown by button status(that I gave up as quick fix).
I think this is a UI style issue that consistency should be kept, so you guys would have control on that?
(0001396 - 484 - 508 - 632 - 632 - 632 - 632)
04-20-05 10:16

For your information, I've post another issue to ignore the error notifier in FileList2 when a server is down. [^]

I didn't show any Informer in that change set because I feel a modal dialog which has only OK option is not meaningful, and the dead server can be regard as empty folder (user is a child, not administrator).

Anyway, I think showing a disabled button is the best way as korakurider said, but the Informer is not bad for quick fix.
(0001397 - 667 - 727 - 727 - 727 - 727 - 727)
04-20-05 10:42

I don't think the standard "blue" file dialogs have any support for "disabling" buttons -- they don't even have rollover feedback, nor even "pressed" feedback for that matter, which makes them unusually primitive even by Squeak standards. So although I agree that the prevailing pc/mac conventions regarding "disabling" buttons in such dialogs when appropriate would be the "right" solution, especially if applied uniformly, realistically I think iy may be best go with the Informer here, and vow to do this really "right" in etoys/2. (If anyone wants to hack away and implement button-disabling in the blue morphic file-choosers, of course they're welcome to ;-))

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04-14-05 14:23 korakurider New Issue
04-14-05 14:23 korakurider File Added: IgnoreNilProjectOnLoad.1.cs.txt
04-20-05 05:38 ScottWallace File Added: ignoreNilProject-tn.2.cs
04-20-05 05:45 ScottWallace Note Added: 0001393
04-20-05 05:45 ScottWallace Status new => feedback
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