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0001832 [Squeak] Morphic major always 10-02-05 01:40 09-26-07 03:06
Reporter wiz View Status public  
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Priority normal Resolution open  
Status new   Product Version 3.9
Summary 0001832: In 6693 A reproducible way to get into a strange state using menus.
Description Something is seriously wrong here is how to get there.

In a fresh 3.9a-6693
Get a morph (e.g. an ellipse).
bring up the halo on the morph
use the red menu halo to get a menu.
pick a menu item.
blue halo click ( halo surrounds menu)
blue halo click on the item.the (halo now surrounds the selected item.)

so far so good all is as expected.

blue halo click again. (halo now surrounds the entire menu. )
blue halo click again (halo still surrounds the entire menu. I expected it to repeat the earlier sequence and surround the item selected.)

Now click again on red menu halo. (menu dissappears).
And again click on red menu halo.
( MNU: Undefined object DNU: #isTextMorpjh)

Additional Information This DNU is a result of the owner of the halo handle being nil at this point.

I haven't checked furthur into this but I wanted to report it because it is a reproducible way to get into unexpected territory. There are several vaguer reports here that may or may not be related ( Mantis 0001816 , 0001817, 0001808 ?)
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SYSTEM WARNING: Creating default object from empty value

related to 0001034new  Menu morph disappears 
related to 0001835new  [Bug] Duplicating an UpdatingMenuMorph loses its target. 
child of 0006530new  A mother for button, slider and menuItem targeting and argumenting related reports. 

- Notes
(0002761 - 397 - 433 - 433 - 537 - 537 - 537)
10-03-05 21:22

See also Mantis 0001835.

Furthur checking has shown this to be an old problem and not a new bug.

While it still should be fixed the severity is more minor than major.

There is a major elusive problem with mouse clicks and focus that I am attempting to track down. I thought I was on to something here but apparently this is not the symptom that will put a finger on what I am searching for.
(0004259 - 289 - 311 - 311 - 311 - 311 - 311)
03-01-06 06:52

I believe what's happening here is that the MenuMorph is deleting itself when the red button goes down on the halo handle. Which deletes the halo. Then when the handle refers to "owner" it's gone.

You can see what happens if you pin the menu using its stay-up item. Then things work OK.
(0004280 - 367 - 421 - 421 - 421 - 421 - 421)
03-02-06 05:24

Hi Ned,
Glad to see you're back. Thanks for your thinking on this.

Its been a while since I thought about this issue.

What I think is needed is a what to do about it.
How to get blue clicks to cycle properly.
And how to get the menu or halo to go away when its owner is gone.

Hmmm. Its probably time to check to see how reproducable this bug is in 7004.
(0004306 - 2136 - 2406 - 2406 - 2406 - 2406 - 2406)
03-02-06 22:18

In 7004 we can still produce strange occurances.
The basic problem remains and I look further into unusual symptoms.


Get a morph
get the handles for it.
Get the red menu
Make it stay up.
Using cmd-click (?0r blue button if you have one?)
Get the halo around the menu.
Put the cursor over an item.
Use cmd-click again. Halo is now around the item.
Use cmd-click. Halo is back around menu.
cmd-click. expect halo to go back around item it stays around menu.
Move cursor cmd-click on world once. (halo still around menu.)
move cursor back to item.
cmd-click. (halo is now around the item.
cmd-click (around the menu)
cmd-click (stays around menu)

now do the same thing but make sure you have an updating item.
(I used resists being picked up)

to continue from the last state.
continue to cmd-click on the updating item (somewhat slowly)
the halo stays around the world. Until as some point
a cmd-click on the updating item causes it to change state.
the next cmd click will get halos around the item
cmd-click (halos go back around the world)
cmd-click they stay there until the fluke repeats.

To date I have not found any reliable way to repeat this.

Furthermore, trying to normal or yellow click on the updating item proves to be unpredictable as well. Sometimes it changes sometimes it doesn't.
Slow clicking (down pause up) will get reliable results the updating item changing each time. But a normal quick click sometimes registers and sometimes not.
Alternating stayup items while normal quick clicking is reliable for changing their state. Repetative clicking on the same item is erratic in results.

There is no mouse handler for either menus or menuitems its all done within the code.

The code is complicated to follow and while I know from the symptoms there are bugs finding them will take more analysis.

The other interesting symptom is when you get to the halo-stays-on-menu state going to another morph and normal clicking will pick up the first menu even though it is no longer under the cursor. This would suggest an focus/release focus error.

(0004348 - 588 - 630 - 630 - 630 - 630 - 630)
03-04-06 18:59

I'm almost sure this is a focus/release error.
Also related to this is Mantis 0001034.

When you blue click on the menu item the focus will be transfered to the menu.
If you blue click again the menu halos will get activated. In this moment clicking on any of the handlers will send an event to the menu where it will be interpreted as a click somewhere outside the menu's boundery and the menu will decide to remove itself from World.

Wouldn't be appropriate to always move the focus to the active halo (if present).
If I get it right there can be at most one halo at any moment.

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