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0003484 [Squeak] Kernel minor always 04-19-06 21:56 04-22-06 13:40
Reporter MarcusDenker View Status public  
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Priority normal Resolution open  
Status new   Product Version 3.9
Summary 0003484: Error in BlockContext>>valueWithArguments:
Description From: Dave Mason
Subject: Error in BlockContext>>valueWithArguments:
Date: 16. April 2006 00:22:54 GMT+02:00
Additional Information This in Squeak3.8-6665.

BlockContext>>valueWithArguments gives a very misleading error.
Basically the 'already being evaluated' case is the fallback, but if you
have a non-array anArray parameter, the primitive fails and you get that
fallback error. I just added a test for that case.

(I was playing with continuations, so 'already being evaluated' *was* a
possibility, which made it extra-challenging to track down.)


valueWithArguments: anArray
    "Primitive. Evaluate the block represented by the receiver. The argument
    is an Array whose elements are the arguments for the block. Fail if the
    length of the Array is not the same as the the number of arguments that
    the block was expecting. Fail if the block is already being executed.
    Essential. See Object documentation whatIsAPrimitive."

    <primitive: 82>

    self numArgs = anArray size
        ifTrue: [(anArray isKindOf: Array)
                ifTrue:[self error: 'Attempt to evaluate a block that is already being evaluated.']
                ifFalse:[self error: 'parameter is not an Array']]
        ifFalse: [self error:
            'This block accepts ' ,self numArgs printString, ' argument', (self numArgs = 1 ifTrue:[''] ifFalse:['s']) ,
            ', but was called with ', anArray size printString, '.']

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(0004766 - 681 - 749 - 749 - 749 - 749 - 749)
04-21-06 19:37

So, mantis throws away a note when you upload a file ... hmm.

What I had written was:

The problem with Dave's fix is that IF "anArray" is NOT an array, then size might not be understood. Well, OK, object undersatnds size, but will generat the object not indexable error.

So, the kindOf: test should come first. Followed by the size test. For readability, I would put the "already being evaluated" error at the end, after the more specific things have been tested for. Fileout attached.

I normally hate kindOf: tests, but in this case it is exactly the right thing, because the VM primitive does in fact require an Array; an orderedCollection, for example, won't do.
(0004773 - 48 - 54 - 54 - 54 - 54 - 54)
04-22-06 13:40

is it the same in 3.9?
What is then the status?

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