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0005705 [Squeak] Mantis major always 01-06-07 01:58 01-11-07 09:23
Reporter wiz View Status public  
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Summary 0005705: Request for two standard permanent filters to ease browsing for issues.
Description Mantis is quirky on how it sets filters.
It usually filters out closed reports.

When researching issues this is BAD.

I would like to request the creation of two named filters that I could get to from the dropdown menu that says <reset filters>.

One is the see everything filter.
Another is the see everything you've reported filter.

Additional Information The see everything you reported filter looks like this:

Reporter: Monitored By: Assigned To: Category: Severity: Resolution: Profile:
[Myself] any any any any any any
Status: Hide Status: Product Build: Product Version: Fixed in Version: Priority:  
any none any any any any  
Show: View Status: Show Sticky Issues: Changed(hrs): Use Date Filters: Relationships:
1000 any Yes 6 No any

Sort by: Status Ascending, Last Update Descending

Note everything is wide open except report=myself.

Show is set to a really large number (This is my 200th report)
so that everything will be shown on one page. This works around a mantis bug in which the filter gets clobbered as you ask for page 2.

Sort by: Status Ascending, Last Update Descending

This is a really useful sort. It separates out the status and puts the closed reports at the bottom.
Within each status catagory the most recently modifed reports appear first.

The see everything filter would be similar.
Everything open.
Reporter set to [any]

Show: 100 ( I'm afraid it would be practical to show 6000 reports) .

and the useful filter from above.
when you start with this filter and then add a search filter the results would get presented pretty usefully.

Also any tips or info you (or someone you know) can pass along about using filters to advantage would be helpful.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace

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01-08-07 03:26

Hi Ken,
Using the perks of now being a developer, I've added the suggested filters above as
All_My_Projects (which returns 500 at a time)
All_Projects (which returns 100 at a time)

The first will give me all my reports (for a while).
The second will allow me to search for a key phrase all projects including the closed ones.

The second is not too much use for looking at the gamut of projects. Assigned projects are swamped by new ones and do not appear until several pages have flown by due to the status sorting.

Now to find out if these filters are generally available or if they have been save for my sole use.

Yours in service, --Jerome Peace
(0008866 - 103 - 109 - 109 - 109 - 109 - 109)
01-11-07 09:23

Apperently my efforts have only solved the problem for me.
Others still can't get at the new filters.

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