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0006780 [Squeak] Morphic major always 11-22-07 22:01 04-18-10 21:51
Reporter wiz View Status public  
Assigned To andreas
Priority low Resolution fixed  
Status closed   Product Version
Summary 0006780: [Req for tests] How do we insure parts bins parts behave appropriately?
Description Opening a tab on the objects tool can bring up a debugger box because thumbnails are generaly generated by making an instance of the object they represent.

So a common mistake is registering something without realizing this.

Not all morphs can be validly made at all times on all computers.

So a check for parts bins being able to show their parts would be good.

Second if a parts bin is asked for a part the part should generally come up without error. There would be exceptions for parts with state external to the image and host computer. Once found those could be "excepted" and maybe patched to show a canned thumbnail so they don't break the Object tool.

What this report is concerned with is getting test for Flaps and the Object tool.

Additional Information Specific problem causing parts are the clipboard ( On a mac in can contain a very large clipping from the thing you were doing just before you started squeak).
SqueakMap because is renews itself trom the web and relies of external files that may be out of date or version in the host directory.

Nebraska stuff and audio chat and the like. When I looked (3.10) their thumbnails had be set from a precomputed form.

Probably other similar stuff.

New parts get described all the time. So the tests would offen report an error at an early point before it causes to many people grief.

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
Attached Files  ShowAllBinPartsTest-wiz.3.cs [^] (1,574 bytes) 11-25-07 20:31

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(0011474 - 1162 - 1298 - 1298 - 1298 - 1298 - 1298)
11-25-07 20:43
edited on: 11-25-07 21:28

ShowAllBinPartsTest-wiz.3.cs uploaded.

This is the simplest possible test. It creates an objects tool holder with every registered object. The current test just sees if the holder can be instantated w/o error. So it does not test if the objects can be pulled from the holder only that the holder does not "blow up".

This test will not detect anything but outright errors. I.E. if initializing the iconic button requires interation on the part of the user this will fail by hanging the test. Ditto infinite recursion bugs. But at least it will give you the fail.

If you pass this test you can have confidence the newbie won't complain about the object tool per se.

Not bad for a first cut.

This test will pass in squeak 7155 and fail in Fun Squeak 7155 (There is a Mpeg player that causes problems I believe.)

Yours in service and curiosity, --Jerome Peace

Tests that catch taking too long. And test that insure the objects in the buttons can be instantated.

Also I would like to set the test ups so that they collect the rejects. Then one test can cover a lot and if it fails pinpoint the failing culprits.

Cheers, -Jer

(0011475 - 140 - 170 - 170 - 170 - 170 - 170)
11-25-07 21:33

Reminder sent to: edgardec

Hi edgar,
You will need this test for fun-squeak.

You may also want to include it in 3dot10 (it already passes).

Cheer amigo, -Jer
(0011476 - 53 - 59 - 59 - 59 - 59 - 59)
11-25-07 21:44

I put in main release as soon is posibble
(0013597 - 620 - 714 - 714 - 714 - 714 - 714)
03-29-10 21:28

Update: In squeak 9810

The squeak map tool can break the objects morph tools tab.

Basicly if the external state for squeak map is broken. Squeak map cannot be invoked without error.

If sqeuak map tool can not be created then its thumbnail cannot be built.

If the thumbnail cannot be built any tab holding it will cause an error.

If any tab holding it will cause an error then the tools tab as well as the alphabetic tab "p" (Package Loader?) will cause an error.

Note: the bizarre dependencies.

Part of the cure is to break the dependencies. The squeak map tool should have a canned representation.
(0013634 - 19 - 19 - 19 - 19 - 19 - 19)
04-08-10 03:35

Test added for 4.1.

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