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0006794 [Squeak] System major always 11-30-07 22:20 12-06-07 03:05
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Status new   Product Version 3.10
Summary 0006794: In FunSqueak 7155 saving a project to file results in something that can't be read into sq 7155
Description For this one
open a fresh FunSqueak
world Menu>open> a new morphic project
world Menu>flaps> uncheck showSharedFlaps

(you now have a totally empty project)
world menu>open>dual change sorter
rename the untitle project (I used TotalEmptyProject)

world menu> save project on disk.

Now open a fresh squeak 7155 and
drop the project file onto the image.

Project will ask you what modern class should KeyMapper be renamed to.

(I used KeyboardInputInterpreter*) and the project then loaded.

*Actually what I did was select "let me type it now"
The type in KeyMapper , select it and print it. Which poped up spell suggestions of which KeyboardInputInterpreter was the most likely match.
Additional Information Hi Ken this needs a "funsqueak" catagory for edgars efforts.

The point is that whatever simple changes have been made to FunSqueak project saving is broken in some way.

I have run into different problems with non-empty projects. This was just an attempt to find the lowest common bug.

I've uploaded the TotallyEmptyProject for examination.

There is a general problem that affects more than just fun squeak.

The questions my curiosity has raised is:
From a project file how do I examine what is in it (in total)?

In comparing two squeaks how can I tell if saved empty projects will be compatable?

How do I tell if saved non-empty projects will be compatible?
How do I tell what limitations there on on the objects to be saved if I want compatability?

And How fragile is the process of saveing a project to disk?

Yours in curiosity and service, --Jerome Peace
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12-04-07 18:00

Off course you don't could load projects originated in images having many things more of a basic one !

You don't wish carry the same cargo of a eighteen wheeler on your small Beetle, don't you ? :=)

This is a old bug about SmartRefStream is not so Smart, as you don't should export any your project don't use.

But you got a good test for this
(0011517 - 1251 - 1399 - 1399 - 1399 - 1399 - 1399)
12-06-07 03:05

Hi Edgar,

You are partially correct. It must be an old bug. I'm just tracking it at the behest of my curiosity. The questions are focused for refining the answer of how to save projects so that they can be reused in more basic images.

I have been trying to create transportability by limiting the objects I save in projects. (When I remember, I close all system browsers and changeset browsers. It also helps to clear workspace bindings.)

The meta-questions are how useful are squeaks w/o sharable projects?

MC was an attempt to transfer some knowledge between squeaks.

But what's really wanted Imho is be able to analyse two different squeaks and generate the "glue" . A way to translate projects from one to the other.

And then maybe to do a taxinomy of squeaks so we have away of judging how far distant they are from one another.

For example 3.9 projects will often load in 3.10.

Totally empty projects are acid tests of incompatiblity between squeaks.
How does one look inside of them to determine what makes them incompatable?

Are the incompatablities necessary or can they be eliminated by another increment of design effort?

My curiostity is amazed it can't easily be satified in these matters.

Cheers --Jer

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